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Full reconstruction of the Constructivists Hall of OBMOCHU exhibition (Society of Young Artists), 1921., The State Tretyakov Gallery, 2006.

Vyacheslav Koleichuk (the idea, set design, lighting design, reconstruction of objects). Reconstruction of the Second Spring Exhibition of the Young Artists (OBMOCHU) 1921: Alexander Rodchenko, Georgy and Vladimir Stenberg, Carl Yoganson Medunetsky and Constantine. "Constructivist Hall", installation, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow 2006-2011.

Participants: Alexander Lavrentiev and Yuri Ors, Vadim Taller (reconstruction of paintings and drawings), Dmitri Koleichuk (reconstruction of computer animation), Valery Taller (graphicreconstruction), Anna Koleichuk (fotofigury), Ilya Liner (film).


It is possible to consider as the feat of the Kolejchuk-artist and the Kolejchuk - researcher a reconstruction of the Constructivists Hall in the early 2000s, the OBMOCHU exhibition (Society of Young Artists), held in 1921 in Moscow.

The OBMOCHU exhibition is a landmark for Russian avant-garde in early 20s. It was attended by key figures in the artistic vanguard of the early 20th century: Alexander Rodchenko, brothers B. and G. Stenberg, K. Johanson, C. Medunetsky and others. Young artists put experimental facilities, artistic image which lies in evident demonstration of forces of pressure - compression, the delicate balance between rest and movement, dynamics and statics.

Marked the beginning of Russian Constructivism "exhibition was remarkable by the fact that it was for the first time in such quantity and in interrelation spatial designs were shown as the elements of art culture. It was an important psychological break through the barrier that separated stylistic processes in art and engineering fields."

This exhibition had a special place in the historical, artistic works, encyclopedias, directories and articles throughout the twentieth century. Moreover, the main body of spatial compositions and structures was not preserved and it was reconstructed by both Russian and Western artists for a variety of exhibitions and collections in museums such as "The Great Utopia," "Europa Europa", the Museum of Private Collections, the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg and others.

It seemed important and urgent to undertake a complete renovation of the Constructivist Hall of Exhibition OBMOHU 1921, an innovative, constructive and artistic level of which has not lost its significance for the Russian and world culture and in our days. Remodeled in all the smallest details and the details of the Constructivist Hall today adorns the permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery.

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